I am a purpose-driven young woman who is self-motivated enough to turn her aspirations into realities. I am interested in seeing love blossom and I believe one way of helping is by sharing my learnings, experience, and thoughts on REAL relationships. Hence, the site REALationship was born.

REALationship is not only based on couple relationships (whether dating or married) as we will also touch on friendships, relationship among siblings, parent-child relationship, employee-employer relations, etc. Our focus however remains couple based relationships (thus, boyfriend-girlfriend or husband-wife relationships).

If you are looking for practical advice, quotes, poetry and short stories centred on relationship, and an opportunity to learn from real experiences, then buckle up, follow this site and get ready for a jolly ride!

I post randomly, as and whenever I can. Follow my blog to get notified when I do. Thank youuuuu 🤩

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Dr. Seuss

REALATIONSHIP; Love blossoms💖

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